Single Moms, Let’s Pamper Ourselves


This post was specially written for all single moms in the universe. Ups! Sorry for my Manglish (Malaysian English). Well, after being in Jordan for four years (everything was in Arabic), my English turned upside down!

Ok, back to the topic. I know what how you feel being lonely and at the same time struggling for the survival of the kids. Now it’s the time to make ourselves happy or in other words ‘syok-syok sendiri’. Throw away those negative feelings and plan something that can make you smile.

Just want to share what I did for myself. Last 3 days I felt down. I drove my car to nowhere. Finally, I stopped at SEC and my eyes terpana at a cute Philips blender. “Oh, maybe it’s the time to replace my 12 years old National blender.” Grinnnnn……

Just a blender, but it makes me happy lol

Look at the cutie one. Bought it for RM125 plus RM20 for extra warranty (1 + 2 years) and purchased extra jug for RM35. Yes! One for chilly and onion and the other is for……. yummy juicy taste…. hihiii….

One machine for two jugs? Oh...

Try this! Sedappp…

What you need:

Cute new Philips blender :D

1 apple

1 salary celery (hahaaahaaa! selalu silap!)

½ carrot

3 spoon sugar (no sugar is better for you!)

1 litre water or fresh milk (in this picture I used 1 litre filtered water from Rx-Water Filter)

5-10 ice cubes (oh, I don’t like it)

Image of an apple, half of carrot and some celery. All are for your healthy

[caption id="attachment_836" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Cut apple, carrot and celery into pieces"]Cut apple, carrot and celery into pieces[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_837" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Blended apple, carrot & celery produced golden yummy juice"]Blended apple, carrot & celery produced golden yummy juice[/caption]

After blending everything, drink the golden color yummy juice instantly, smileeeeee and say ALHAMDULILLAH .... :D


  1. glass of juicy juice please...aiseh...awat tergeliat nak menyebut nye nih...he...he...kekadang tu layan perasaan 'blues' sendiri-sendiri memang menyeronokkan...take ur time...

  2. bestnyer yum yum......

  3. salam dr...waah...sedapnya...insyaAllah lazat dan berkhasiat...

    nak minta izin link blog dr. pada blog saya na...hehe...


  4. :) sodap tuuu. Try la buat setiap pagi, ganti sarapan. Insya Allah kenyang sampai tengahari sebab high fibre. Paling elok kalau guna susu segar.


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