Massive Open Online Course or MOOC - An Introduction

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Sunday 2 May 2021

Massive Open Online Course or MOOC - An Introduction


1 - The Tsunami of Online Learning


MOOC is the abbr of Massive Open Online Course. Watch this video to understand the concept.


Please share with us about a MOOC platform that you know. Just write it in the comments area below.

Make sure the link is working :)


Listen to this Ted Talk by the head of edX, Anant Agarwal. There are so many opportunities that come with the MOOC's existence.

2 - Malaysia MOOCs

It is not time to debate whether we should go for MOOC or not. Moving forward & soaring upwards is the only option.

Most universities in Malaysia had developed courses using the MOOC concept and it will expand widely.

This FB page was developed & managed by Prof. Abd. Karim Alias, a MOOC expert & a strong advocate of MOOC in Malaysia.

Below is my FB page :)

Developed to share my experience in developing MOOC especially the subject: Kesepaduan Sosial dan Hubungan Etnik di Malaysia. I also share some training & updates about MOOC in Malaysia.

3 - Designing an Open Online Course

This slide explains some basic information to create a MOOC

Emma - MOOC

Credit to:

Using ADDIE model to design a MOOC

This poster was presented during the International University Carnival on E-Learning 2015 ( IUCEL).

It shows how we used the ADDIE model to develop our MOOC on Kesepaduan Sosial dan Hubungan Etnik di Malaysia.

Why Gagne Model is so powerful?

Digital learning can still use the traditional methods of teaching and learning but with some moderation.

Below is our poster presented in the National University Carnival on E-Learning about the application of the Gagne 9 Events of Instructions while developing a MOOC.

4 - Developing an Online Course

Step by Step

You may follow the platform's instruction to develop the course

4C of 21st Century Skills

While developing the course, don't forget the 4C that is required as the 21st-century skills. These skills must be embedded in the learning process.





Learn more here:

 5 - Developing Learner Activities

Prof. Amin is an international award winner for MOOC through his course:

Please listen to his inspirational talk. Get the ideas. Implement!

6 - Enriching your MOOC

OpenLearning offers some widgets for content development & student activities.

Follow the instruction below:

And how about getting student feedback? 

Or collecting website URLs?

and many more.

The rocket science behind it named: CROWDSOURCING

Maximizing the feature available in OpenLearning...

7 - Using MOOC in the Classroom

SCL using MOOC?

MOOC is a great way to apply a student-centered learning environment.

Below is a talk from Prof. Norazah, Dean, Faculty of Education, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.

8 - MOOC and Research Opportunities

Sample of Nation-Wide Malaysia MOOC Research

This survey was launched in 2014 and led by

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Amin Embi


Critical Agenda Project (CAP), e-Learning

National Higher Education Strategic Plan

Ministry of Education

Please follow the link and join the survey is MOOC Readiness Questionnaire

Learn how the survey was designed critically. 

Then, create your own survey!

List of MOOC related events

E-Learning Conferences, Innovation Competition & Poster Presentations





Presenting your MOOC from various aspects

I would like to share with all of you some of our presentations, articles and posters related to our MOOC: Kesepaduan dan Hubungan Etnik.

The first one is a presentation at a conference (COSNA)

MOOC Hubungan Etnik @ COSNA 

9 - Future Challenges

4th Industrial Revolution

The 4th Industrial Revolution will give a huge impact on education

Read this article:

After reading the article, please discuss how to prepare your organization or institution for this revolution?

Are you still teaching the way you were thought?

Think again!

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