Suami misyar terperangkap! Kisah dari Arab Saudi

Wife Sets Trap to Uncover Husband’s Secret ‘Misyar Mamacita’

RIYADH, 26 June 2006 — Like so many other misyar marriages, this story has the typical main ingredient: a husband who hides his no-strings-attached weekend misyar wife from his first wife until, at last, his ruse is discovered.

While the misyar marriage is a religiously sanctioned legal marriage between a man and a woman in Saudi Arabia, it is often very unpopular among women, for reasons that may be obvious to some — especially women.

The daily Al-Watan told the latest tale of deceit recently when a wife from Al-Ras, in Qasim, discovered her husband’s dirty little secret with the help of a simple, homely piece of wood.
You see, the cheating husband had a tendency to travel on frequent trips to the desert camping trips with friends. But it turned out that he was doing a different form of camping by visiting his misyar mamacita in an apartment in the town of Al-Badaie.

And wouldn’t you know it! A friend of the woman said she saw her husband entering the building in Al-Badaie, which, as it turns out, is well known to house several secret second spouses.

But the woman, knowing how slippery a man can be if he isn’t cornered by his lies like a rat in a glue trap, decided against confronting him outright. Instead, she planted a test. And here’s where the piece of wood came in.

She placed the wood among a folded sheet her husband would take with him ostensibly to be used on his desert camping with his buddies. When he returned from his “picnic in the desert” his wife confronted him by showing him the wood that, of course, was exactly as she left it.
Knowing he was caught, the husband confessed to the crime of hiding his second wife from his first. After the second wife was discovered, there was no longer the need to steal away from the first wife. So the misyar wife simply moved closer to home and the three of them went on with their interconnected lives.

While this may not sound like much of a punishment for a man who was lying to his wife over another woman, keep in mind that there is a reason why most Saudi men do not take on second wives: not only is it expensive, but with this double pleasure comes the double pain. There’s a lot of fury in one lover scorned. Imagine the fury of two or more.

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